Session Rates: I incorporate a variety of modalities in my massage. Work always includes abdominal massage and sacral work. Visceral manipulations, cranial sacral, and deeper healing can extend the work.

The following schedule of fees was devised to help me fully address particular areas of stress patterns discovered in the first and subsequent sessions:

Initial visits are $200.00 (approximately 2 hours)

1 hour follow up visit is $115

1 1/2 hour follow up visit is $150

2 hour follow up visit is $200

For Fertility Treatments, 3 sessions are recommended.

Hibiscus and shells, Puerto Rico, 2005

Spiritual Healing*........................................$150.00 (for clients who have received an initial massage session) This includes cranial and/or abdominal work after healing

*The Maya, as with traditional cultures, recognize diseases of the soul as well as the body and are aware that there are both spiritual and physical causes of illness. Maya Spiritual Healing consists of prayer (appropriate to your faith), spiritual herbal baths, and incense that serve to re-balance and harmonize the human aura or energy field so that we can attract good into our lives and repel what does not serve our highest purpose.

This healing work addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of each individual in such a way as to return that person to vitality, peace and well-being. Thus, we are better able to lay down the baggage from the past to realize the fullest potential of a human being as intended by our Divine Creator.

In preparation for a session, please come dressed in a bathing suit or sarong. Copal Incense or sage is traditionally used to clear the space and allow positive energy to be present. I will ask you some questions and have you express your intention for the healing.

A bowl/container of plants will be prepared for you, using Basil, Marigold, Roses, and/or other safe non toxic plants known for their healing properties. They will be set out in the sun to potenize the water.

I will begin with prayers and have the incense waft over you, then will begin splashing you with the bath water. You will be asked to say your prayer of healing to the deity you most resonate with.

After the bath, you will be wrapped in a warm towel and led to rest and allow the healing energies to embrace your healing.

At the close of your session, I will discuss the best way for you to process your experience and teach you the bathing routine to do on your own.

Know that I am here to support your healing process as taught by Rosita Arvigo in Maya Spiritual Healing. I have had training in counseling but this is not the purpose of this ritual.

Spiritual healing leaves the person, calm, more centered and reflective. Each persons experience will be their own unique transformation.

Greek Thyme, Syros, Greece 2005