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Mother/Daughter: A Delightful Exploration of the Female Body and Her Menstrual Cycle

Saturday, September 23, 2017 10 AM - 2:30 PM


It is SOMETHING WE ALL SHARE, yet don't share... Why leave unexplored this powerful rhythm within? A serious boater, fisher or beach comber would not think of being in or near the water without a knowledge of the tides.  This class is dedicated to connecting to the rhythms of this very important life event so we can empower ourselves and future generations.

This workshop is designed to bring awe and wonder to the female experience to our young daughters by bringing to life an appreciation and understanding of her female body parts, nurturing respect for their amazing functions, and an exploration of the hormonal tide of her cycle that she will be experiencing for approximately 37 years, or 480 cycles, or 2,500 days!  She is not alone ~ parents, siblings, teachers and peers ride this emotional ocean with her.  Let's understand what is going on!

This workshop is designed and taught by

DONNA CAIRE, M.A. Counseling, LMT





For mothers and their daughters, ages 9-11 (pre-menses)

$20  each/$40 for mother and daughter

Let's not let another generation of females go out in the world without exploring this very sacred aspect of the female experience.

As always, lots of props and visuals for more complete understanding and a meditation for integration.


If you can't make this, pPlease call to initiate a class.

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