Body Listening in 3D: Envisioning What and How We Touch

A series of 6 hour classes designed for massage therapists to explore the depth of informed massage touch. 

These classes will explore the anatomy of what lies under the skin and how it effects the physiology of the human body. 

Focus will be on various body segments to understand how to go beyond surface touch when massaging. 

These body segments will include the cranium, neck, spine, thorax, abdomen, sacrum, legs and arms. 

3 hours of discussion will be followed by 3 hours of hands on.


January 14 , 2017

9 AM - 4 PM $150.00

6 Louisiana Massage CEU's #LCEU0001570

The 2nd class in the series (may be taken out of order) will be part II of the cranium, going deeper into the cranium to study the nerves, glands and brain, and how to ensure a good flow and communication between the cranium and the spine. 


November 12, 2016

9 AM - 4 PM $150.00

6 Louisiana Massage CEU's #LCEU0001570

The first class will be on the Cranium. We will explore how to release tensional restrictions as we visualize and draw connections from the surface of the skin to the fascia, muscles, nerves, bones, sutures, organs, circulation and lymph that lie underneath so that you can locate them though touch. I will combine techniques from craniosacral, visceral, nerve, brain and lymph classes that I have taken (see curriculum vitae) into a comprehensive protocol that teaches technique, but most importantly, a basis of understanding the depth of the effects of touch.

Attention will be drawn to the location and function of the circulatory, lymphatic, immune system, and nervous systems within, as well as the benefits that are received by the whole organism through informed touch. With informed touch, tensional release can be effectively facilitated on all the systems of flow throughout the body.

Included in this class is the important aspect of touch ethics: how to respect, connect, and receive permission for touch the body. This includes discussion of the emotional body.