Instructor: Donna Caire, LMT #3773, LPO# 0164

Embracing our Body Intelligences



AUGUST 15-16, 2015

2 day class, 10 AM - 5 PM  Offers 12 CEU’s

MAX. 8, MIN. 6 Cost $300

Did you know that we can call on more than one intelligence to heal? These classes will explore these intelligences and address specific massage techniques for the organs associated with each intelligence.. They will be taught in a series, but can be taken out of sequence. Each class will focus on two organs, paired by meridians.

LUNGS/LARGE INTESTINE Metal, Emotional Intelligence

STOMACH/SPLEEN-PANCREAS Earth, Practical/Stability Intelligence

GALLBLADDER/LIVER Wood Thinking/Logical Intelligence

BLADDER/KIDNEY Water Genetic Intelligence


HEART/SMALL INTESTINE Fire Spiritual/Joy Intelligence

These classes are designed to give enough information to be able to transfer what is seen in anatomy books to what is actually being felt on a client's abdomen, as well as learn techniques to apply to the organs for tensional release.

The first class was held in October, 2011,and focused on our Emotional Intelligence: the lungs and large intestine and laid the groundwork for the emotional impact on working on the belly.

The second in the series was held in April, 2012, and focused on our EARTH Intelligence that enables us to be present in the moment and gives us the feeling of safety and comfort: Stomach, Spleen/Pancreas and the 5 sphincters of the digestive tract, .

The third in the series was held on April 13-14, 2013 and will encompass our WOOD intelligence, the intelligence we are all very familiar with: thinking. The organs included are the liver and gallbladder, with specific techniques for releasing tensions that might be held there so they can do the important work that our bodies require!

The fourth in the series will be held August 15-16, 2015, and will focus on our WATER intelligence, our genetic intelligence. The organs included are the kidney, bladder, and regenerative organs (ovaries, testes). The prerequisite for this class will require previous abdominal body work - either two classes that I teach (Abdominal Massage or Hands on Health) or other experience with working with the abdomen.


Learn the anatomy, physiology, and location of selected viscera, their connections with other viscera, their ligamentous attachments through anatomical drawings and models and locate them visually and through touch on the body.  

Learn how the function and physiology of the selected organs, how it is connected and works in tandem with the other organs, and how their dysfunction can affect other areas of the body.

Learn the contents of each body cavity: thorax, abdominal and pelvic, learn why and how they are separate, and learn how the pressure differentials help the organs maintain their place.

Learn to be confident when touching the abdominal area.

Discover the proper respect and ethical considerations when touching such a sensitive part of his or her client.

Learn how to ease tensions in the abdominal area that also refer to other areas of the body, such as shoulder, neck, back, etc.

Learn the meridians of the body parts and how to recognize signs and symptoms of function and dysfunction along the meridians as they relate to the viscera.

Learn contraindications of abdominal massage.

Learn how to effectively manipulate the organs through massage, with specific techniques for addressing restrictions.

Learn how emotions relate to the viscera.

Itegrate the concepts of Chi, meridians and touch.