Classes for interested “somanauts” – those interested in developing a physical and metaphysical relationship with their body – will begin monthly in Fall, 2025.  I haven’t completely worked out the syllabus, but it will be similar to the classes I taught in 2015, which includes information and an opportunity to experience and connect through hands on discoveries and an ending meditation.

#1 Body & Breath: Internal Flows and Intelligences

Our bodies have the power to heal: they can nourish, cleanse, repair, generate and regenerate. We can access various intelligences (not just our thinking) to do this. We are not here alone, but part of a larger living community within (our organs) and without (our environment) that are in constant communication.

#2 Earth Intelligence

We look at the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas anatomy, physiology, function, and intelligence. When we are supported by the Earth Intelligence, we can feel safe, become authentic and true to ourselves, and live in the present.  We will learn how to nurture and listen to our stomach, spleen and pancreas,  how they manifest dis-ease and what they might be communicating.

#3 Metal Intelligence

We explore the Lungs and Large Intestines, looking at the anatomy, physiology, function, and intelligence of these organs.  When we engage in breath and elimination, we discern the feelings of what we ingest and egest. Feelings build our character and development.  We will learn how to nurture and listen to our lungs and large intestine so that we can cultivate our courage and confidence.

#4 Water Intelligence

We explore the Kidneys and Bladder and their anatomy, physiology, function and intelligence.  Our water intelligence provides inherited information from what our beginning microbes learned at the very beginning of time.  There are as least as many bacterial cells (or more, current thought is 1.3 to 1 or 39 trillion microbial cells to 30 trillion human cells ) as there are human cells, we are built upon much ancient knowledge.  To evolve, we have our water to filter out what no longer serves our current time and provides the power to dissolve old habits and start new ones.  Through our water intelligence, we develop our willpower and discernment.

#5 Wood Intelligence

We explore the anatomy, physiology, function and intelligence of the Liver and Gallbladder.  This intelligence processes all that the body is currently experiencing, as well as has experienced in the past, and uses this information to mature and manifest our future.  We rely heavily on this intelligence, almost to the exclusivity of our other intelligences, so our approach is to quiet this over-reliance and balance it with our other intelligences.

6. Fire Intelligence

We have two aspects of the intelligence of the fire: our endocrine fire and our circulatory fire.  The fire intelligence exists within the blood and carries our spirit. Our cardiovascular fire gives us enthusiasm for life.  We will learn how to nurture and listen to our Heart and Small Intestines, study their anatomy, physiology, function and how they communicate their intelligence through the endocrine system. 

The biggest focus of these classes will be getting in touch with the miracle that is us, allowing each of us to feel more awe and amazement of the work our organs do every second of the day.   Learning how to honor and support our organs has been a real gift, and very empowering.  We start with a simple "what if" question to challenge our perceptions


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