Sunday May 28th: Annual Memorial Herb Walk and Swim (new pond area invites wading in healing spring water) with Darrell Martin of Blue Boy Herbs at Regeneration Springs with vegetarian feast provided.  $20.00 (children free; $10 donation for hungry adolescents!)                  

Herb Walk 10-11:30, lunch 11:30, Swim till 2

Event is limited to 20 cars (my road is narrow), and Linda Martin needs to know how much food to prepare. Linda can provide food for many, but I must limit to 20 cars, so firm reservations are required.  Emergency cancellations may arise, but please reserve your space only if you know this event is a priority. When you are reserving your parking space, let me know how many you will bring with you in your car so I can let Linda know. 

Matthew Wood returns March 24-25, 2017

Shamanic Herbalism: Animal Medicines / Plant Medicines


In this two day class, Matthew Wood will share the spiritual nature of plants that he has learned, intuited, and experienced based on over 30 years of immersion in the world of plants and their teachings.  

He will paint a picture of his use of the "inner medical license" provided by nature through the doctrine of signatures - using what a plant looks like, how it is used by animals, their spirit signatures - and lead us on plant journeys to show the inter-connections with their healing.  

Matthew Wood, as all good storytellers do, will take us out of the mind and into the spirit of plants. Many herbs have 'shamanic" forces that touch our souls and hearts in ways that open us up to Nature and the Old, Old Path of Nature Wisdom.

"Herbal knowledge inerpentrates the animal kingdom with human healthcare. The different functions of human society, the different constitutions and personalities of people, the different medicine gifts, the organs of the body are all represented by the animal powers or medicines, and these in turn relate to plant medicines: bear, deer, badger, panther, catfish, wolf, etc...In this class we learn to see the inter-connections and to practice a very simple and practical herbal medicine. We will also practice plant journeying." Matthew Wood

An early bird fee of $200 is available until mid-November, 2016. After that, the cost is $225.



Phyllis D. Light Returns

April 22-25, 2016

Saturday and Sunday Workshops with Special Friday Night Dance of the Elements with the Drumbeats provided by the Women's Center

April 22, 2016 Friday Night Dance to Express your element 6-8 PM Friday Night Women Only $30 or pay as you can

April 23-24, 2016 Saturday and Sunday Workshops 10 am - 5 pm Men and Women welcome

Saturday, April 23: Discover Your Southern Blood Type

Learn your constitution and what herbs and foods influence your constitutional health..

Sunday, April 24: The Power of One

Learn the powers of single herbs on a plant walk and through tastings.

$100 for single day, $190 for both

With optional delicious vegetarian lunches provided by Nanette Shoeneweadditional: add $10 for each day

email or call Regeneration Springs or 985-893-4456 for more information

Seating limited to 40

Phyllis D. Light, traditionally trained by her paternal grandmother, Rosie Light, a Creek/Cherokee Native American midwife in the deep woods of Alabama, will share the rich and fascinating history of Traditional Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine, developed specifically for the southern region by the Irish, Indian, and Scottish mix of people. These traditions whose origins and development from diverse European folk traditions, Greek medicine, and Native American plant use, remained intact due to the isolation of the people in the Appalachian foot hills. Itis the most widely acknowledged regional folk medicine in the United States and the only system, other than Native American medicine, to develop on this continent.

Phyllis continued her studies with her father and other Appalachian elders, such as Tommie Bass, as well as studies in conventional Western bio-medicine. She holds a Master's of Health Studies degree from the University of Alabama.

Phyllis is Director of the Appalachian Center for Natural Health, offering herbal and natural health classes in north Alabama as well as an online program. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and a licensed massage therapist. Phyllis travels and teaches classes in integrative medicine and herbalism at universities, hospitals, and symposia across the country. She is currently secretary of the American Herbalist Guild, president of the American Naturopathic Certification Board, and board member of Old Spirits, New Lives, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Indigenous knowledge.

Above all, Phyllis devotes herself to building a bridge between traditional knowledge and modern-day science; to help hold sacred the traditional herbal and healing knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation while embracing the relevant scientific knowledge of today.

Phyllis Light is a 4th generation Traditional Southern Appalachian Folk Herbalist and Healer, practitioner and educator. Phyllis has studied and worked with herbs, foods and other healing techniques for over 30 years. She operates the Appalachian Center for Natural Health, an herbal studies school in Arab, Alabama.

Traditional Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine is the most widely acknowledged regional folk medicine in the United States and the only system, other than Native American medicine, to develop on this continent. Join Phyllis as she shares the rich and fascinating history of our folk medicine, its origins and development from diverse European folk traditions, Greek medicine, and Native American plant use. She will weave stories from her traditional herbal training into the weekend, what it was like growing up in the woods and cotton fields of Alabama, and what it was like to depend upon the wild plants for good health and as a livelihood. Phyllis will share the historical beginnings that has created this unique system of folk medicine, a system developed and used by the poor whites and blacks.

Phyllis has been to Abita Springs for the past 2 years. Her prior engagements included: Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine: An American System and Principles and Practices of Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine on February 28-March 1, 2015.  In September of 2014, Phyllis conducted two workshops on the thyroid/adrenal connection and The Chemicals between us: Neurotransmitters.  Join us in an educational and fun-filled weekend. Welcome back Phyllis!


Stalking Wild Louisiana: Edible and Medicinal Plants November 21/22nd, 2015

Join Master Herbalist Darryl Patton for an adventure into the world of edible and medicinal plants. We will spend the weekend foraging and learning how to identify wild plants which can be utilized as food and medicines. You will participate in learning how to gaterh and prepare a variety of wild foods. Everyone will go home with salves, liniments and tinctures they have made. Also, you will learn:

The Herbal Medicine Chest: herbal equivalents ot prescription mediciations, emergency dental issues, toothpowders, gum disease prevention.

  • How to make activated charcoal and other necessities at home.
  • Water purification without modern ingredients
  • How to prepare wild edible plants: acorn flour, yellow dock seed, pine pollen, cattails and a host of other wild foods.

Cost $125 per person; $225 per couple


Edible Plant Walk with DR. CHARLES ALLEN from Pitkin, LA

Sunday, June 21, 10- 12 noon $15






For Both of These Events

Please see Herb Walks for more information and how to pre-register.

R.S.V.P. is necessary and appreciated. Parking is limited so carpool as much as possible! 985-893-4456

Sunday, May 31, 10 - 2 pm

Annual Memorial Day Herb Walk & Swim WITH DARRELL MARTIN FROM BLUE BOY HERBS! $20