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Woman: Her Cycle and Connection to Gaia

Friday, September 15th, 2017, 9 AM - 4 PM

A lively presentation to explore the womb and imagine her in a light that allows us to be inspired by her connection to the rhythms of the universe.  A woman menstruates an average of 37 years: that’s about 480 cycles, or 2,500 days! And their partners, co-workers, neighbors and children experience this cyclic reoccurence right along with them. It is SOMETHING WE ALL SHARE, yet don’t share…to our detriment. A serious boater, fisher or beach comber would not think of being in or near the water without a knowledge of the tides, why should we?!

Dedicated to opening a connection to the rhythms of this very important life event (these rhythms continue through and after menopause), this class is designed to look at the female’s amazing bodily process in a new light, so that we can understand, connect, and empower future generations.  We will also explore our organs so we can understand the unique personalities of each of them.

This class is designed for menstruating women of all ages, whether you are still menstruating or have had a hysterectomy – remember we all navigate these waters, whether experiencing the womb first hand, either currently or in the past, or second hand.

As always, lots of props and visuals for a more complete understanding, teaching of self-care, and ending with a meditation for integration.

Class Format: Minimum 6 Maximum 9 $100

A MOTHER/DAUGHTER FORMAT IS ALSO AVAILABLE. Please call to initiate a class.

Previously: Sunday, July 12, 2015 12-4 PM