Spiritual Herbal Bath

Herbal baths have been used throughout history to refresh, heal and purify the body. The combination of the power of water and healing properties of the plants provide deep cleansing and renewal at an energetic level.

Plants:  Choose plants for your bath that bring meaning and healing for you.  Each plant brings their healing wisdom to aid in your healing. You can gather 1 or more different kinds, and 1 or more of each kind.  Be cognizant of what is available – take what the plant has to offer, usually no more than 1/3 of the plant or group of plants.  Say a prayer to the plants as you pick them, and give thanks for its ability and willingness to bless.

Place plants in a large bucket or pot containing 1-2 gallons of water. Crush the herbs with both hands into the water, offering your prayers and thanks to the plants to aid in your healing.  Be specific so they are clear about your healing request.

Leave the pot out in the sun for an hour or more.  The water will turn the color of the healing quality of the plants.  Sip some liquid and begin to meditate on your healing.  Place your feet in the water to soak.  Speak your prayers.  Slowly scoop the herbal bath water and splash around you, front, side and back.  Then pour the remaining liquid over your head. 

Rest, mediate, journal and be with yourself in this healing way.