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It has been 10 years since I started my new career as a body worker. I have had many pursuits throughout my long life, as an educator, a book seller, working in area gardens, a midwife apprentice, studying herbs and alternative health. In my pursuits, at the age of 50, I was called to working with the abdominal organs. To accomplish this, I had to become a massage therapist, and after passing that small hurdle, I was able to fully dive into my study of the body. Myy curriculum vitae shows how diligently and intensely I studied - I felt like I had so much to catch up on. But as I studied,, I began to realize that everything I was learning was brand new to the western mind - old hat to traditional methods. But there was also a melding of the western mind with the traditional mind, and I began to see a way that I could understand and teach about the body and share this with others who were seeking but were unable to go off in the world to explore these ideas, and then be blessed with being able to practice and learn from experience.

My educational pursuits have centered around the organs and the nervous system and their connection to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. The brain and nerves can be easily communicated with, and are integral to our feelings of health and wholeness because that is how our organs receive messages from the outside and then communicate within. I am especially interested in our senses and the role they play in giving us the perceptions of our world and how they influence our physiology. I feel inspired by my studies and feel grateful that I am able to bring this knowledge back to my work in Louisiana.  I truly believe that the effects of our work are multi-dimensional, and that as each of us heal, we radiate this well-being throughout our individual self to our families, our communities, and our world.  Have faith, re-sense yourself, and remember the inspiration of being true to yourself.  AND, as always, rub your belly to stay connected and help ease disturbances that arise!

I will continue to share my knowledge of the body to both my clients and to other body workers. This year I have designed a new class that combines many of the classes I have taken into a coherent protocol. Body Listening in 3D: Envisioning What and How We Touch. My other two classes are Abdominal Massage for Body Workers and Body Parts:Visceral Anatomy Each of these classes offers CEU's to Louisiana Massage Therapists.

Classes for clients and others include: Belly Massage for Optimizing Health and Woman: Her Cycle and Connection to Gaia

I also join up with Rue McNeil at The Northlake Nature Center for Walk in the Woods: “Medicinal Plants and Plant I.D. ” A guided hike through the diverse ecosystem at the 400 acre Northlake Nature Center in Mandeville. The “Four Seasons” Program aims to enable participants to identify native trees and shrubs year round. Each session highlights seasonal features which are often unique to individual species, and a discussion of the medicinal and edible properties of the native flora. . Reservations Required. Free for members, non-members-$5.00 Call 985-626-1238 or email



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Read below comments:

"I think it was very beneficial because the information gave me enough background to understand the benefits of Arvigo massage. This gives me additional motivation to perform the massage regularly.

Discussion with other class members provided useful information, and the energy of the group provided an uplift.

I think the knowledge gave me more precise information on how to do the self-massage correctly, plus motivation to do it regularly.

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to better understand the functioning of internal organs, and how massage can benefit this functioning. The traditional focus of massage is on muscle pain, such as back pain, knee pain, etc. In Tai Chi, they discuss the area called the "Don Tien" as the locus of energy flow in the body. I think Arvigo massage can help open the flow of Chi in the body, and go beyond the Western focus on providing relaxation and relieving pain." R.N., New Orleans, LA January, 2011

Wow, blown away at the power of the belly and the importance of paying attention to it. I love the roots of this work and want to continue on as soon as I can."

"It was mostly new information with infinite connections to health."

"The self-care seems to be life changing."

"Informative. Needed. Fun."

Please contact me if you are interested in future classes.

Matthew Wood writes: "Instead of thinking of diseases as precise germ entities or molecular lesions observable in isolated tissue samples, we need to understand disease in terms of patterns of imbalance. This is not new knowledge. Plato described it perfectly twenty five centuries ago in a passage in the Timaeus (Longrigg, Greek Medicine, 1998, 160):

'Diseases, except where they are very dangerous, should not be irritated by drugs. For every disease has a structure that resembles in a certain manner the nature of living creatures. For the composition of these living creatures has prescribed periods of life for the species as a whole. . . . It is the same with the constitution of diseases; whenever anyone destroys this by drugs, contrary to the allotted period of time, many serious diseases are wont to arise from those that are few and slight. Consequently, so far as leisure permits, one should control all such diseases by regimen, instead of irritating a troublesome evil by administering drugs."

Wishing you the best of health, and a nourishing year, 2012!

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