Suggested Reading

Books by Rosita Arvigo

Food of the Gods, Rosita Arvigo

Rainforest Remedies: 100 Healing Plants of Belize; Rosita Arvigo with Michael Balick (Lotus Press, 1994)

Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way to Heal Your Body and Replenish Your Soul; Rosita Arvigo with Nadine Epstein, Harper Collins, 2001

Sastun: My Apprenticeship With a Maya Healer, Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Harper Collins, 1994

Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals & Traditions from Around the World; Rosita Arvigo with Nadine Epstein, Ten Speed Press, 2003


The Female Pelvis: Anatomy & Exercises, Blandine Calais-Germain, Eastland Press, 0-939616-38-6

Netter's Anatomy Frank Netter

A New View of a Woman’s Body, A Fully Illustrated Guide, The Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers with illustrations by Suzann Gage, L Ac, RNC, NP, Feminist Health Press, 0-962-9945-0-2

Out in the Open: The Complete Male Pelvis, R. Louis Schultz, North Atlantic Books, 1-55643-321-2

Pelvic Power for Men and Women, Erick Franklin, Elsian Editions, 0-87127-259-8




The Garden of Fertility, Katie Singer, Avery, 1-58333-182-4

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, The True Pathway to Conception, by James Schwartz, Llewellyn Worldwide, 0-7387-1376-2

Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Toni Weschler, HarperPerennial, 0-06-095053-6

Herbal Health Care

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine   by Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno

Herbal Remedies for Women, Amanda McQuade Crawford

Hygieia, A Woman’s Herbal, Jeannine Parvati

The Male Herbal, Health Care for Men and Boys, James Green, Herbalist, The Crossing Press, 0-89594-458-8

The Natural Remedy Book, Diane Stein

The New Age Herbalist, How to use herbs  for healing, nutrition, body care, and relaxation by Richard Mabey with M. McIntyre, P. Michael, G. Duff and J. Stevens

The Oil That Heals, A Physician's   Successes with Castor Oil Treatments by William A. McGarey, M.D.   

Vital Man: Natural Health Care for Men at Midlife, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Avery, 1-58333-136-0

Wise Woman Herbal, Healing Wise               Susun Weed

Emotional Healing

Character Analysis                                          Wilhelm Reich

Healing from Within, Gilles Marin

Healer Within, Roger Janke

Pathway to Health: How Visceral Manipulation Can Help You,, Alison Harvey

Possibility of Everything, Hope Edelmen

Unwinding the Belly: Healing with Gentle Touch, Allison Post & Stephen Cavaliere, North Atlantic Books, 1-55643-478-2

Understanding the Messages of Your Body, How to Interpret Physical and Emotional Signals to Achieve Optimal Health, Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O., North Atlantic Books, 1-55643-679-6

The Woman’s Belly Book, Lisa Sarasohn, New World Library, 1-57731-537-5


Breast Cancer? Breast Health: The Wise Woman Way, Susun Weed

 Conscious Conception: Elemental Journey through the Labyrinth of Sexuality,  Jeannine Parvati

Creative Menopause, Farida Sharan  

Garden of Fertility, Katie Singer

The Herbal Menopause Book: Herbs,Nutrition& Other Therapies, Amanda McQuade Crawford

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin

Period, A Girls Guide, Joann Loulan, Bonnie Worthen

Making Informed Choices about Menopause,  Dr. Susan Love

Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way, Susun Weed

Natural Menopause, The Complete GT a  Women's Most Misunderstood Passage, Susan Perry & Katherine A. O'Hanlan, M.D.

New View of a Woman's Body, Suzann Gage

The Root's of Healing, A Woman's Book of Herbs, Deb Soule

Saving the Whole Woman: Natural Alternatives to Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence, Christine Ann Kent, Bridgeworks, 0-970-1440-0-8

Secret of the Ring Muscles, Paula Garbourg

Sex, Lies, and Uterine Fibroids, Carla Dionne

Sex, Lies, & Menopause, T.S. Wiley with Julie Taguchi, M.D.

Wild Feminine, Tami Kent

The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health & Healing During the Change, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Woman: An Intimate Geography, Natalie Angier

Women, Hormones, & The Menstrual Cycle: Herbal & Medical Solutions from Adolescence to Menopoause, Ruth Trickey, Allen & Unwin, 1-86448-525-6

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom : Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing, Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Yoni, Rufus Camphausen



The Fat Flush Plan, Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S.

Food of the Gods, Rosita Arvigo

Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon

Milk, The Deadly Poison, Robert Cohen

Body Ecology, and Body Ecology Diet, Donna Gates

Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Elson Haas

Staying Healthy With The Seasons, Elson M. Haas, M.D.



Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith

The Hidden Message in Water , Masaru Emoto

Inner Smile, Mantak Chia

Love Thyself: Messages from Watter III, Masaru Emoto

Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert

The Sevenfold Journey, Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Through the Chakras, Anodea Judith and Selene Vega

Subtle Body, Cyndi Dala



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