Sunlight is the fuel for all life-giving metabolic processes, and its influence on the endocrine response is strong and immediate. Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland into triggering the production of serotonin and endorphins, while inhibiting the production of adrenaline and other stress related hormones and neurotransmitters. This is why the daily practice of the Sunning Functional Meditation is so important, on its own, in supporting any other kind of treatment. The Sunning Functional Meditation is a must for anyone going through any kind of transition time, growing, healing, or both. It helps replace our usual stress related adrenaline response, that ends up weakening us, by the calming and healing serotonin response that makes us mentally stable, physically stronger and healthier. It awakens and uplifts the spirit. It is also quite impossible to function on serotonin mode and remain depressed.

If you wear glasses, remove them.

Close your eyes and feel with your finger a little indentation in the forehead above the nose and imagine a line inside your head from here directly to the back of your skull where you will find another indentation.  Focus inwardly on the spot in between.

Face the sun (if it is a cloudy day and you are inside, imagine the sunlight and its warmth). With your eyes closed, let the sun’s rays aim at the spot on your forehead as you slowly count to 200. (Do not stare at the sun, even with your eyes closed).


Allow the warmth and the light to slowly penetrate your eyeballs through your closed eyelids.

Mentally draw the light and the warmth along the optic nerves at the back of your eyeballs all the way to your brain and let the warmth and the light bathe your brain in a calming and soothing manner.

Let the light and warmth penetrate from the outer parts of the brain into the middle of your head where your HYPOTHALAMUS resides. This gland is about the size of an almond but plays a very important role in linking our outside world to our inside world.

 Illu endocrine system.png

1 Pineal gland 2 Pituitary gland 3 Thyroid gland 4 Thymus 5 Adrenal gland 6 Pancreas 7 Ovary (female) 8 Testes (male)

Now let this bright white healing light come down to a place just below the hypothalamus to the PITUITARY GLAND. This gland secretes the hormones that allows your body to maintain homeostasis in the body. Let the bright white healing light send its energy into the pituitary, lighting all aspects.

Once you have filled these two glands with the healing white light, let it travel to the PINEAL GLAND that is located just behind the pituitary. This gland is the key to our sleep/wake cycle. It is also said to be the seat of enlightenment and is known as the "third" or "spiritual" eye.

What does the Pineal Gland do? (with pictures)

Take a breath while the light connects these three glands. Enjoy and give gratitude.

Once you are full of the bright healing light of the sun, bring it down to your THYROID GLAND located in the middle of your throat. Your thyroid sends the metabolism signals in your body. Let the bright white light ease the tension in your throat and energize the thyroid. Breathe and stay there with the light.

Next, draw the light down to the THYMUS GLAND just below your collar bones in the middle of your sternum. This is your immune stimulating gland. Let the bright white light warm you. Breathe.

Embrace the bright white light and bring it to your HEART, the "Queen" of the organs: 'The heart commands all of the organs and viscera, houses the spirit, and controls the emotions.' Allow it to fill your heart and surround it. Once you have completely warmed your heart, let the light filter to the STOMACH, the organ that takes in the outer world and gets it ready for our inner world. It is located just below the diaphragm, and allow the warmth and light to penetrate it. Give thanks to your heart and stomach for all they do.

Once these organs are filled with the bright warm light, draw the light and warmth into the PANCREAS, which is cradled by the duodenum located just above your navel and underneath the stomach on the left side of your rib cage. The pancreas secretes hormones that harvests energy from the food that we eat. Let it fill with the peaceful and warm energy of the bright white light until it spills over to ADRENALS located just on top of your kidneys and at the bottom of your rib cage on each side. These glands regulate our stress coping hormones. Be thankful for the work they do.

About Pancreatic Cancer | University Hospitals

What Does the Adrenal Gland Do?

Lastly, let the light travel down to your SMALL INTESTINES that separates the pure from the impure and your LARGE INTESTINES that help you elliminate what you do not need.

And lastly, bring the sunlight and warmth to your REGENERATIVE GLANDS, the ovaries or the testes, and let the light shine where we summon our creative energy.

Human reproductive system - The ovaries | Britannica

Smile and breathe.Now imagine that you have turned around and allow that light to come the center of the back of your head. The vertebrate central nervous system is packed with enigmatic photoreceptors that help adjust circadian rhythms to the local light environment. There have been claims that humans had photoreceptors behind the knee as bright light shone there shifted human circadian rhythms.


Now turn around and allow that light to come the center of the back of your head.  Reconnect the energizing light from the sun to your hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal triad in the center of your brain. The vertebrate central nervous system is packed with enigmatic photoreceptors that help adjust circadian rhythms to the local light environment. Once again, allow the bright white light to travel down the body, this time along your spine and the nerves that span this pathway from the brain to the coccyx.

Imagine the energy of the sun's light traveling down to your 7th cervical vertebra, located just behind the thyroid, to the nerves that control our metabolism and your respiration.

Once the light has warmed this area that allows us to communicate your truth to the world, allow the light and energy and warmth to travel to your 4th thoracic vertebra, located between the shoulder blades and just behind the heart. The nerves from this vertebra feed our heart and thymus, where you sense what is wanted and not wanted for your health and survival. Allow the energy to radiate out.

Then let the light travel down to the 11th thoracic vertebra, just behind and below the xiphoid process located in the front of the rib cage. This vertebra allows you to be flexible, to bend forward and backward, and from side to side. The nerves here feed all of your digestive organs, providing information to and receiving information from and between all your internal visceral organs. It is a place that absorbs many of your emotional traumas. Allow the sun's energy to warm and embrace this nerve complex.

Next allow the sun's energy to travel down the spine to your 3rd lumbar vertebra. This is located just behind the navel, and it is known as the door of life where you generate and store your energy. Then let the light travel all the way to the tip of the coccyx, where you receive your support and enjoyment for life.

Stop and concentrate the healing light of the sun where it is needed, stopping at each nerve complex until the nerves that feed your endocrine glands experience the full healing power of the sun. Feel the warmth and the light travel down your spine, energizing each vertebra from the cranium to the coccyx.

Expand the feeling into the back of your brain and down your spinal cord to all the nerves in your body all the way to the surface of your skin.

Feel your skin becoming translucid and absorbing the light directly from the sun.

When you are ready, open your eyes. Look around you. You will find the world much more sharply defined and richer in color. Sense your place in it. Keep this feeling deep within you so you can call it back whenever you want.


What happened? In order not to be affected by sun glare, your pupils have to shrink. To shrink your pupils, you have to be in the parasympathetic mode in your autonomic nervous system. To switch from the initial sympathetic, stress response to the parasympathetic mode in three minutes you have to have had a raise of serotonin in your bloodstream. This is how you can train your body into making more serotonin.

Do the Sunning at least three times daily to get the body into the habit of producing more serotonin and less adrenaline. Get into the habit of going to bed earlier and earlier as the serotonin production turns into melatonin production at night. 8 hours minimum recommended time of sleep during Summer and up to 12 hours and more during Winter. This might include daytime naps.

In my opinion sleeping is the only way to recover from nerve damage. There are laws in Chinese medicine based on the flow of the life force into the meridian system that explains the need for the body to be asleep between 11pm and 3am to rebuild our nervous system, to be asleep between 3am and 7am to process emotional charges through dreams, and to take naps in the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm to recover from exhaustion.

At the beginning you might feel tired or without energy. It is because, in fact, you will have less energy from adrenaline. So, you will be slower. Being driven by frenzy, especially when you get used to it, is not a healthy attitude. Losing the frenzy habit might feel awkward first, but soon, you will be able to appreciate your newly acquired solid presence and calm efficiency.

For COVID! Our bodies make Vitamin D.  Vitamin D actually isn't a vitamin, which in the traditional sense, are things that exist outside of the body that we need to ingest to get.  When the molecule of cholesterol in our skin gets exposed to sunlight, its carbon bond gets broken and the cholesterol molecule is absorbed into your bloodstream, travels to the liver where it picks up hydrogen and oxygen molecules, then back into the bloodstream to the kidneys, which convert it into “Vitamin” D (it is actually a hormone).  Just like plants, our bodies are photosynthesizing!

Vitamin D helps regulate your immune system in two ways.  It turns parts of it up and other parts of it down. Vitamin D will make the macrophages stronger so they can protect you.  But it also slows things down the production of cytokines when they go into overdrive and trigger a cytokine storm, making your immune system go haywire and attack the body's own vital organs like the lungs and heart.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Your body belongs to your ancestors, your parents, and future generations. It also belongs to society and to all the other living beings. All of them have come together to bring about the presence of this body — the trees, clouds, everything. Keeping your body healthy is to express gratitude to the whole cosmos, to all ancestors, and also not to betray the future generations.

We practice this precept for the whole cosmos, the whole society. If we are healthy, everyone can benefit from it--not only everyone in the society of men and women, but everyone in the society of animals, plants, and minerals. This is a bodhisattva precept.