A blessing for transforming the negative energy into virtue energy in your organs 

Place your hands on each organ and smile down on them as you:

Turn your consciousness to your eyes and look inwardly at your liver, sensing any anger and resentment that you may be holding.  Find the seeds of tenderness and kindness, let them fill your liver and feed them to your heart.

Move your tongue, and connect the awareness of your tongue with your heart and become conscious of any impatience, cruelty, and anxiety you may be harboring.   Find the seeds of respect and honor.  When they have filled your heart, feed them to your spleen.

Become aware of your mouth and connect the mouth with the spleen.  Be aware of any worry or panic you may have.  Find the seeds of fairness, freedom and justice.  Grow them and let them fill your spleen and then feed them to your lungs. 

Inhale and exhale through your nose, connecting with your lungs.  Become aware of any depression, sadness or grief you feel.  Continue to breathe through this and sow the seeds of courage and confidence.  When you are ready, feed them to your kidneys.

As you place your hands on your kidneys, become aware of your ears.  Listen to your kidneys.  Notice any fears and insecurities you may have.  Then look for seeds of gentleness and calmness.  Once you have grown these, feed them to your liver. 

 Rub all your organs in a continuous circle with your hands, mixing this new growth all together, to create compassion in your soul.