Rainforest Remedies are directly drawn from centuries-old Mayan healing traditions. They are extracted from herbs gathered in the rainforests of Belize with 20-50% of the proceeds going to fund research, education, and advocacy for traditional healers by the Ix Chel Foundation. They are powerful herbal extracts which are fast-acting and effective. The plants used in Rainforest Remedies are called the Guardians of the Forest by the Ancient Mayans because these are the first plants to return after any disaster, natural or unnatural. These bold, vibrant survivors have developed
micro-nutrients which make them resistant to bacteria, virus, and parasites, enabling them to survive in the competitive vegetative environment of the jungle. These same attributes are transmitted through the herb extracts to provide the ultimate benefit to those who use them. Some of the herbal remedies I have available include:

Belly Be Good - a smooth muscle relaxer and nervine, this tonic increases digestive juices by warming and relaxing the diaphragm and stomach muscles to improve production of digestive enzymes from the stomach, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. It is useful for temporary or chronic indigestion, gastritis, constipation, lack of appetite, sour burps, intestinal gas, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, nervous stomach, stomach cramps, intermittent diarrhea and constipation.

Blood Tonic - full of easily assimilated iron to improve hemoglobin production, aids kidney in blood detoxification, assists elimination of harmful acids from the system, eases pain, inflammation of rheumatism and artritis, and provides multiple minerals in organic, natural form. Indicated for rheumatism, arthritis, anemia, fatigue, gout, toxic blood, inflammation, allergic reactions.

Female Tonic - warms the reproductive organs by lessening tension in diaphragm muscle, has mild anti-spasmodic action on uterine muscles, acts as a uterine lavage to remove accumulated endurated pathologic debris caused by incompletely flushed menstrual fluids, provides hormonal pre-cursors of estrogen and progesterone, increases iron supply and minerals, especially calcium, and helps to achieve clearer insight and depth of understanding during pre-menstrual and menopausal phases of life. Useful to eliminate painful and/or irregular periods, dark, thick fluids during menses, lower back ache with menses, depression with PMS, menopausal symptoms, female infertility due to hormonal deficiency or enduration of uterine lining, hormonal migraines, and amenorrhea unrelated to pregnancy.

Male Tonic - is anti-septic to urinary tract, removes mucous from kidney or bladder, improves sexual performance and stamina in men, relieves prostate swelling, clears prostate of accumulated debris, promotes circulation to sexual organs, and chronic (not acute) urinary tract infections in men or women. It is indicated for painful urination, benign prostatic hyperplasia, kidney or bladder infection, potency, erectile dysfunction and not acute or infectious prostatitis, kidney or bladder stones.

Nerve Tonic - good for nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, stress, stress-related indigestion or gastritis, grinding of teeth, those who have experienced recent traumas, and nervous animals.

Strong Back - used for muscular spasms, pain, muscle strain, overwork, sports injuries, stress, anxiety, back, neck, shoulder or joint aches.

Sweet Blood - anti-diabetic (Type 2), anti-fatigue, adaptogen, anti-viral and expectorant. Indicated for Type 2 diabetes, borderline diabetes, low appetite and fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Other Rainforest herbs include Flu Away, Immune Boost, Detox formula, Traveler's Tonic, and Kidney Tonic.

I also carry a large selection of Dr. Christopher Herbs, including Vitex, Castor Oil in a glass jar, garlic immune syrup (formally known as anit-plague) and a cleansing kit which includes a lower bowel cleanser, liver and gall bladder detox, blood cleanser and kidney cleanser.


Rosita Arvigo at the Ix Chel Medicine Trail.