Recipe: "Start with 1/8th tsp of cayenne (work up as you progress) to small amount of room temperature water. Then follow but cup of room temperature water. Do 1-3 times a day."

"Cayenne helps restore normal body functions, relieves rheumatism, counteracts putrefaction and infection, relieves nervous irritability and spasms, condenses and firms the tissues, excites intestinal peristalsis, relieves spasms, promotes expulsion of gas from the gastrointestinal tract, seasons and flavors foods, induces vomiting (in large doses), is hot and penetrating, stimulates local circulation and skin redness, increases saliva and aids digestion, causes profuse perspiration, stops bleeding, is a general all around stimulant to activity and energy, and heals wounds" (information from Dean Alter, Master Herbalist).

Cayenne is very healing to the mucus lining of the entire digestive tract from the mouth to the anus.

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