Living Food Recipes

Sprouting/Soaking Seeds

Sprout seeds to release mucous-forming inhibitors, activate enzymes, get pre-digested nutrition, make them easier to absorb, turn concentrated proteins, sugars and fats into simpler amino acids, sugars and fatty acids, render seeds more alkaline forming, save digestive and metabolic enzymes, and receive balanced high energy nourishment that we grow ourselves.                                                                                 

                                                                          Soaking Time                     Sprouting Time

Salad Family  Use in salads, soups, juices, sandwiches

Alfalfa, cabbage, clover, radish, broccoli         6 hours                 5-6 days or develop first set of leaves

Fenugreek                                                            8 hours                 2-3 days. Sprout twice the size of seed

Corn                                                                   12 hours               2-3 days. Use sweet corn

Mustard, watercress                                        4-6 hours             4-5 days; hot flavor

Oily Seed Family  Blend, grind, seed milk, seed yogurt, seed cheese, dips, pates, loaves, cookies, pies, cakes, soups, dressings


Sunflower, pumpkin, unhulled sesame                  8 hours                 6-12 hours. Grow only small tails or they get bitter

Almonds & Other Nuts                                                  24-48 hours        Sprouts don’t grow, but can get little tails

Bean Family      Difficult to digest, so blend or grind

Peas, lentils, mung                                                          8 hours                 3-4 days or until sprout is 3-4 times size of seed

Adzuki, garbanzo, other big beans                           12 hours               3-4 days or until sprout is 3-4 times size seed

 Grain Family    Rejuvelac, cereals, grain crisps, planting, etc

Hard wheat, soft wheat, rye                                       6-8 hours             1-2 days until sprout is 1 time size of seed

Kamut                                                                                   12 hours

Millet                                                                                    8 hours

Quinoa                                                                                 3 hours

Buckwheat groats                                                            ½ hour                  24-48 hours

Flax seeds                                                                           overnight           


Seed Milk

1 cup soaked (overnight or 6-8 hours) and sprouted oily seeds: sunflower (1-3 days), sesame (6-12 hours), almonds (2 days) or hazel nuts (2 days)

2 cups Rejuvelac or purified water

Blend ingredients and strain through seed bag. Lasts 1 day.

Seed Milkshake

1 cup seed milk

1 banana

1 other fruit of choice (papaya, pears, berries, etc.)

If desired, add 4 pieces of soaked dehydrated fruit (dates, figs, apricots, raisins, etc.)

Blend ingredients and drink immediately. Dehydrate leftover for cookies.

For variation, add carob, cinnamon, or vanilla bean.

Buckwheat cereal

Soak (6-8 hours) and sprout (24-48 hours) 1 cup buckwheat
Rinse several times, then cover with rejuvelac or water and blend

Add 2 cups papaya, 1 cup apple, & 4 apricots (soaked 6 hours)

Blend to taste

Flaxseed cereal

1 cup flaxseed (soaked 6 hours, then rinsed in a colander)

Small amount of rejuvelac

1 cup celery

3 bananas

1 1/2 apples

1 1/ collard greens

Blend and enjoy

Green breakfast drink

Morning Drink (makes enough for 2)

          For Liver: needs sour to cleanse and tone

1 whole peeled lemon, including pulp

1 whole peeled grapefruit, including pulp

          For Liver: malic acid in apples helps liver to demulsify fats

1 whole apple, including core with stem and bottom removed (peel if you have digestive distress)

          For Kidney: flushes out uric acid

1 bunch parsley (can also add 1 collard green, 4 arugla (spicy!), or kale)

1/2 - 1 cup water

Blend and enjoy

Green Fruit Drink (freeze into popsicles for a treat children will love! TESTED!)

1/2 honey dew melon

4 romaine lettuce

1 kale

4 arugula (if you like it spicy!)

(or any other combination of greens, including chard, collards, watercress, carrot, beet, or radish tops - experiment!)

Blend and enjoy


These photos of foods were taken at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. The boy with shell and rain lillies in Abita Springs, LA