Varicose Veins of the Legs and Hemorrhoids

The dropped or side-lying uterus prevents the free return of the venous flow back to the liver.  Tight and restrictive clothing is also a problem, especially if the person sits during long periods.

 Mayan Abdominal massage is recommended to return the uterus to its proper place and eat a diet containing high amounts of natural fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Add cayenne pepper (uncooked) to diet to increase circulation of both arteries and veins. 

  Increase walking so the muscles can help the veins to pump.  Sleep with a pillow or block under the feet to slightly tilt the body so that the feet are higher than the head while sleeping. Apply intermittent hot and cold towels to the legs over the area with the hot towel staying on for 1 minutes and the cold for 10 seconds for 20-30 minutes daily until improved.  For hemorrhoids, a sitz bath in a shallow basin containing cooled black tea, oakbark tea or cinnamon tea.

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