Painful periods

Menstruation can be a beautifully orchestrated function of nerves, veins, hormones and chi and should be quite painless. Discomfort is not a normal function and is considered pathology. When the uterus is low, the uterine muscle lacks proper oxygen, acid builds up and cramping is a result. When acid accumulates and there is a lack of oxygen there is a build up of menstrual fluids on the uterine membrane which harden and dry, becoming endurated, leading to endometritis and eventually to endometriosis. Pain gets worse each cycle because the uterus must work hard, twisting and turning herself violently, to expel endurated thick blood in an environment that is acidic and lacking in oxygen. This can be alleviated with the abdominal massage, and for more stubborn cases, female tonic and vaginal steams are recommended.

Proper diet and yoga are also recommended. Symptomatic relief can be had by placing a heating pad or hot water bottle to the pelvis while sipping a very hot cup of ginger tea, applying a ginger compress, and/or drinking a tea made of 1 tbsp of dried basil leaves boiled in 2 cups of water for ten minutes and taken as hot as possible.


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