Painful Ovulation

If the uterus is dropped and undernourished, the tissues surrounding it are likely to be inflamed and extremely tender.  When the ovaries expand and move during ovulation, they press against inflamed and oxygen depleted tissues, which is the source of pain.

            Remedy: Avoid congesting carbohydrates (white rice, flour, dairy, meat) and replace with more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, spelt, brown rice, and drink at least 8 glasses of pure water daily. Take Female Tonic, 1 dropper full in ½ glass of water 3x daily 5-10 days before ovulation.

            More walking, yoga, and stretching exercise are needed.  An effective self-treatment at home is to lie down on back, take several deep, slow breaths until relaxed, then place both hands over the painful ovary for a few moments.  Slowly raise the leg on the same side as the discomfort and apply deep and slow pressure to the area just below the ovary, closer to the pubis bone with both hands and at the same time very slowly lower the leg, applying even more pressure in the pelvis just below the ovary.  This will drain the fluid out of the area, reduce the congestion and alleviate the swelling and the pain.

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