Headache or Migraine with Menstruation

When hormonal feedback is interrupted, erroneous messages signal more hormones to be produced, causing a build up of fluids to dilate the excess hormones, triggering swelling in the entire body, including the brain.   Anemia might complicate improper circulation because the pelvic organs demand more arterial blood during the premenstrual and  menstrual phase, leaving the upper half of the body with less oxygen and blood, causing a pain response. 

Massaging the abdomen and repositioning the uterus to allow a free flow of blood and oxygen to the brain is top priority.  The diet should be evaluated to consider food allergies; most frequent offenders are MSG, red wine, coffee, peanuts, tomatoes, chocolate, corn and wheat. Eat more fruits, vegetables and water; for anemia, eat iron rich foods such as black beans, dark green vegetables, molasses, peas, fish, and whole grains.

For anemia, drink 2 – 3cups daily of selected single herb or combination of nettles, amaranth, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, or red clover blossoms for at least 30 days.  Blood Tonic is rich in iron and minerals.  If feeling stressed, Nerve Tonic, St. Johnswort, linden blossoms or passion flower is recommended..

Yoga, walk in a natural environment; neck exercise of rolling the neck slowly and deliberately around the shoulders, stretching from side to side, moving back towards the spinal column and forward toward the chest.

When headache occurs, place feet in hot water, wrap the head and neck with a towel that has been soaked in cold water and sip on an ounce of brandy. Keep the foot bath hot and the head towels cold, massaging the hands and fingers to help bring congested blood down from the head.  Relief should be felt in 20 minutes.

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