Dark, thick blood at onset and end of menstruation

This is a primary symptom of the dropped uterus. When dark thick blood is seen at the beginning of menstruation, this is an indication that there is left over blood from a prior period. When it is seen at the end, it is an indication that there may be months or years of accumulated, hardened fluids.  Abdominal massage to realign the uterus is paramount, and herbal therapies such as Female tonic and vaginal steams are recommended.

Diet  Changes: Eliminate white, processed flour (pasta, bread, rice) in combination with meats and dairy because these concentrate and thicken menstrual fluids and weaken the muscles responsible for contraction and expulsion of fluids from the uterus.  Drink several glasses of pure water to help flush out old accumulated fluids. 

Herbs:  Female Tonic: Take one dropper full 4x daily in ½ glass of water 10 days before menstruation.  If necessary, continue for 3 consecutive cycles, realizing that heavy fluids and debris will most likely be discharged and not to be alarmed.

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