Bladder Infections, Vaginitis, and Frequent Urination

When the uterus sits too low in the pelvic cavity, it exerts pressure on the bladder and the vagina closest to the cervix. When the weight of a fallen uterus sits on top of the soft bladder, its capacity to hold urine will decrease. Once the uterus is lifted into its proper position, the bladder has more room to expand, vital fluids are able to circulate, and fluids necessary for nutrition and defense will again be available. The bladder and vagina will no longer have such a prime environment to breed bacteria.

Mayan abdominal massage is recommended for both conditions. For bladder infections, a diet of only watermelon for 24 hours is very helpful and can safely be repeated if the infection is recurrent. Unsweetened cranberry juice adjusts the pH so that unfriendly bacteria can't grow. Remember to drink 12 glasses of room temperature water daily.

If the bladder infection has moved up into the kidney tubules, herbal remedies are indicated: horsetail, corn silk, burdock seeds, or cleavers taken as herbal teas 3 times daily, or 1 dropper full of Rainforest Remedies Kidney Tonic taken 6 times daily until symptoms abate. A reminder to drink 8 oz of water before and after intercourse to wash out the bladder and urethra and prevent bacteria from settling in to the bladder cells.

For vaginitis, raw garlic should be consumed with lunch and dinner. A therapeutic dose of raw garlic would be 3-4 large cloves twice daily, or take garlic capsules 3 times a day and at bedtime. Jackass Bitters, boiled 10 minutes in 3 cups of water and allowed to set for 20 minutes, and then strained through a cloth) can be used as a douche. At night, place a freshly cut blade of aloe vera that has been washed and the outer edges removed with a knife into the vagina and wear it all day long, removing at nighttime. Repeat as many days as necessary, but usually one application in tandem with the uterine massage and douche has been sufficient.


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