Tired weak legs; numb legs and feet; sore heels

When arterial blood supply is diminished due to the restriction and pressure of the dropped uterus, the legs do not receive sufficient nutrients, minerals, vitamins and oxygen. Proper positioning of the uterus will open the path for blood to flow, bringing oxygen to the legs and carrying away the waste products.

Nerve irritation can result due to abnormal accumulation of acid and toxemia in and around the tissues, further complicating the exchange of oxygen and waste materials. When pressure is applied to tissues engorged with toxic fluids, pain results.  Chronic muscles spasms in lumbar or low back complicated by misalignment of the hips and uterus could be further restricting the natural flow of nerve impulses from the spinal column to the lower extremities.  Abdominal massage to reposition the uterus, deep massage and stretch to the quadratus lumborum muscle and massaging the feet with lavender and/or lemon grass essential oil are all recommended.  2-3 treatments may be needed. 

 Eating a good wholesome diet, adding 1 tsp cayenne pepper in cold water 3 x daily to stimulate circulation, are very helpful.

Soak feet in alternating hot and cold water baths: place one basin of hot water and one basin of cold water at your feet while sitting with pillow placed under knees so no pressure is applied to the upper legs. Soak one minute in hot water and ten seconds in cold water, alternating for 20 minutes with final soak in cold water, then vigorously towel rub in an upward direction on the feet and calves, put on warm socks and elevate the legs for ten minutes.  Never walk barefoot on cold floors or cement and wear warm, loose socks during day and night.

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