The 5 rules of Proper Food Combining

1. Liquids alone or liquids first, then wait 10-15 minutes before eating.

2. Do not combine dense proteins with dense starches.

3. Eat melons alone.

4. Do not combine acid fruits with sweet fruits.

5. Fruits alone or blended with greens.

6. Do not combine 2 or more dense proteins or 2 or more dense starches.

The Amount of Time Various Foods Stay in the Stomach

Water 10-15 minutes

Juice 15-30 minutes

Rejuvelac 20-30 mintues

Fruit 30-60 minutes

Melons 60-90 mintues

Sprouts 1 hour

Wheat Grass Juice 30-60 minutes

Most vegetables 1-2 hours

Grains and beans 1-2 hours

Fatty Plant foods (avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds) 2-3 hours

Meat and Fish 3-4 hours

Shellfish 8 hours

The hours listed are the approximate times needed for total digestion in the body. ALL LIQUIDS take approximately 15-30 minutes.


Allow digestion time s indicated before eating again.

Ideally, all drinks and foods should be taken at room temperature.

Meals shoudl be small and chewed throroughly.

If you get gas, constipation, bloating, anuse or exhaustion after eating, these are signs that combinations can be improved.


  1. Fruits and most vegetables
  2. Fruits and starches
  3. Fruits and protein
  4. Starches and proteins
  5. Fats and proteins
  6. Two differnt types of dense starches
  7. Two different types of dense proteins

Unless blending, all remain poor combination choices except 1-3